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A Free Bird

Synopsis: "A Free Bird" is a recession-era farce about unemployable antihero J.T. Broadrick and his struggle to find his place in a world that unfairly discriminates against those of limited intelligence, judgment, and ability. All J.T. wants is his freedom and a cigarette. But these are hard times: he's fired from his job at the Panama City Steak House. his car breaks down, and his common-law wife starts acting like it's the first time he's cheated on her. Desperate for a solution to his woes, he's seduced into an ill-advised criminal enterprise that could either solve his problems or escalate them from unemployment to incarceration. In the end, surrounded by police, he's forced to rely on the woman who loves him - and to think about what freedom really means. Get ready for action, humor, and Southern-fried antics you won't want to miss. Whether your taste is NASCAR or NPR, it's a film that has something for everyone.

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Genre: Comedy
Cast: Russell Comegys, Karen-Eileen Gordon, George M. Faughnan
Directed by: Gregg Russell
Written by: Gregg Russell
Run Time: 95 minutes

Available in DVD and Blu Ray