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Our expertise as a specialty publisher is well established.

Our client list includes such names as Columbia Pictures, Starkist, Metro Goldwyn Mayer, TriStar Pictures and Hemdale Pictures.

Formats include magazines, poster publications and manuals . . . whatever makes sense for your product an/or service.

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Specially Publications . . . magazines, posters and manuals . . . sponsored by a single client, are a forceful way of reaching clearly-defined markets. The combination of highly-targeted editorial content and advertising copy delivers a tightly focused marketing tool.

Hogan Communications Is Equipped to handle all aspects of your specialty publication from the generation of ideas, through design, editorial and pictorial development, production, manufacturing and distribution.

Specialty Publications can include special offers, contests sweepstakes, coupons or other response mechanisms to provide ways for you to quantify results.

Hogan Communications Has Substantial Experience in moving specialty publications smoothly through a variety of distribution channels: as newspaper inserts, point-of-purchase premiums, direct mail pieces, and handouts at events. If your strategy includes selling subscriptions to your publication, HOGAN COMMUNICATIONS is equipped to handle subscription sales and supervise fulfillment and renewals on an ongoing basis.

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